Jw Apple Core chew


Give your dog a fun new toy that cleans her teeth while she chews with JW’s® Apple Core Chew-ee™ Dental Dog Toy.

Designed to clean while they chew, this dog toy is covered in nubs, crevices, and grooves that massage your pet’s gums and satisfy your dog’s chewing instinct. A hidden paste pocket lets pet parents insert dog toothpaste or spreadable treats for added fun. As your dog chews, the red center core spins for extra cleaning action.

PRECAUTION: This pet toy is for supervised play only. It is important to regularly inspect all toys for your pet and replace them if any part becomes damaged or separated. Intended for pets only. Not for children of any age.

• Cleans your dog’s teeth as they chew
• The only durable chew toy with spinning action
• Hidden paste pocket for extra cleaning
• Encourages dog to chew to clean teeth and play

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