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Wags and Wiggles is the solution to all your pet supply dreams, right here in New Zealand!

Dog treats shouldn’t be a one-time thing, because, let’s face it, we get so much joy from our little ones. It’s only right that we set them up with a wee bit more than a dog collar or cat scratching tree.


Your Pup will Thank You , so say all of us

Each month I wait for the courier man to drop off my special parcel; I give a good bark to let him know to sign off the package. Mum lets me rip the box open, and I try my hardest to put all the toys in my mouth simultaneously, as I am SOOOOoooooo excited. It’s like my birthday party!!!
Balls.. there were even Balls…..

Toys dogs


Golden Labrador

I received a box for my birthday from my aunty; not only did I love it, but I shared all the suuppppprizes with my brother too – and he barked like mad with excitement, oh yeah and my human so much fun too!

Bark box nz


Staffy Cross

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Message us, we love the little sound it makes so will pick up faster than a greyhound chasing a rabbit


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