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Our handpicked dog and cat subscription boxes are full of wholesome treats and toys and then delivered directly to your door. This is the pet subscription box you’ve been waiting for; our Customer Happiness Team are always here to help. 


Well, a borking hello to you!

We’re Lisa and Cassidy Slade, a powerhouse mother-daughter team with a crazy love for everything fluffy (as well as the fluff-less who live among us). We’ve spent our lives surrounding ourselves with all the pets possible – from miniature horses right through to donkeys and turtles.

We also breed and show a bunch of Dobermans, Boston Terriers and Kerry Blue doggos, and we’ve owned and operated Wags Boarding Kennel & Cattery for the last 84 dog years.

Since it’s been 84 years, we’re totally across the many varying needs your pet might have. We know how important it is for your little one to live a life that’s enriched with the absolute best, because our own pets feel like our children, too. 

At Wags and Wiggles, our aim is to bring happiness and fun into your pet’s life. We know how much they become a part of the family – for some people, their pet is their child – and if your floof’s got a wagging tail, then we’ve succeeded.

Unfortunately for the 9-5ers among us, our little ones often get left at home alone, and then decide that the outdoor furniture looks rather tasty. Our goal is to make sure that your box of goodies will keep them so entertained that they won’t even realise you’re gone!

We know how stressful shopping for your pet can be – especially during Christmas time when you’ve already got a million other things going on. This is why we’ve decided to release themed monthly boxes – to make sure every special occasion is catered for. From Christmas right through to Halloween, we want to make sure there’s always a way to celebrate.

(We also heard that pampered pooches are the envy of every four-legged-floof at the dog park)

These are always full of fun and, of course, all the wagging tails you could dream of. 

Please share all these moments with us – we love seeing your little one ripping into their goodies!

With the fluffiest of regards,

Lisa & Cassidy Slade

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Toy Tester

Rupert is cool and quiet but sassy when you ask him to shuffle off the couch! He likes a good ball throw and is happy to follow you anywhere.. especially if it’s to the dog park. Rupert is one of our toy testers; as you can imagine, he loves his job.


Floof Support Team

Daisy is the cat everyone loves and is friends with, happy to greet you at the door and always looking in the mirror to clean off her fur. She works on our Floof Support Team, so when you get a happy message back, it may even be from Daisy.


Doggo Dream Team

Poppy, our little one, adores car rides and hanging with the Wags and Wiggles gang, especially the Doggo Dream Team, as she loves helping to pack up the subscription boxes and seeing the smile on the courier drivers’ faces when they pick up the parcels to go to their new homes.

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Why Choose Us

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Created With Care 

It’s no secret that humans love having choices. We’re drawn to good options and repelled by bad ones. That’s why we ensure that you have the best of everything when you shop with us. Whether you’re looking for the newest, trendiest toys or the most delicious treats, we’ve got you covered.

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Doggo Approved

If your pup could order our subscription boxes themselves, they would. Keep them happy! I’m telling you, you don’t want them getting ruff on you. We tested all our dog toys and treats and received the pup-approved paw from the gang. We couldn’t be more confident in our selection.

Very Important Pups

Our themed collections mean you and your pup are guaranteed to do back flips with excitement when the courier person arrives. Watch out also for our newsletter and our upcoming barkworthy bonuses with our VIP (Very Important Pups) membership program.