Snugglers Plush Mystery Bag


Unleash the Fun with the Plush Premium Toy Mystery Bag!

Does your dog love to play? Keep them entertained and satisfied with our Snugglers Mystery Bag! Packed with a surprise selection of 2 premium play toys and a small treat, this bag is perfect for providing hours of joy and stimulation for your furry friend. Each toy is selected for its quality and durability, ensuring it can withstand plenty of playtime.

Why our plush toys?

Dogs thrive on play, which keeps them mentally and physically stimulated. Plush toys offer the perfect combination of fun and engagement, catering to your dog’s playful instincts while promoting their overall well-being. Plus, the included treat is a delightful bonus to reward your pup!

The perfect present for a bday, get well or treating your new puppy!

This snugglers mystery bag is perfect for the dog who loves plush toys, please check out our tough chewers mystery bag if your dog is a tough chewer.

Personalised for Your Pup!

At checkout, please let us know your dog’s name, breed, and size so we can tailor the perfect selection of plush toys just for them. Make playtime exciting and fulfilling with our Plush Premium Toy Mystery Bag! 🐢🎁

Order now to give your dog the best playtime experience ever!

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